FIVE Healthy Vegan shakes + ice cream recipes *Swipe for all 5 easy + delicious …


FIVE Healthy Vegan shakes + ice cream recipes☀️🍦🤩 *Swipe for all 5 easy + delicious ideas!:)
Which is your favourite 1-5?💕

It’s finally summer time 😎☀️ So these 4-ingredients-or-less ideas will be some great new additions to your recipe list and will keep you as cool as a 🥒;)
All vegan treats by @plantyou are perfect next time you fancy something sweet for a snack, breakfast or dessert!

Need I say more?!🙊 Combine banana, nut milk, dates, cocoa powder and nut butter! Top with coconut whip, crushed peanuts or sea salt if you wish!💫

Simply blend 3 cups of mango to coconut cream | milk. You can either use regular or reduced fat coconut cream, or alternatively just coconut milk is in the fridge section of most supermarkets these days!

You can’t go wrong with this creamy coconut banana nice cream recipe this summer!✔️Simply chuck bananas in the blender with coconut flakes and vanilla extract AND voila🍦

If you lovvvve PB this one’s for you! Just add your fave PB with bananas, cocoa powder and your milk of choice!
So quick and so yummy🤩

Very berry nice cream is the new dessert you need in your life! Simply blend the ingredients listed and enjoy:)

💕Which dish is your favourite! 1-5? Comment below!

👍🏻If you like this to have more of an “ice cream” consistency, freeze for at least an hour and then use an ice cream scooper.
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